We are closely cooperating Attorneys, pursuant to paragraph 14 (5), of Advocacy Act. We provide comprehensive legal services nationwide and within all areas of the Czech and European law. We can provide our services in Czech, English and German Languages.

We take pride in providing our clients with high quality legal services, applying individualized approach and bulging long-term relationships. Our main objective is to comply with the client’s individual requirements. We try to achieve solutions that not only fully respect the Laws but also making our legal services affordable to the client. We do our best to provide unambiguous legal aid so that the client has clear idea about the recommended procedure.

Regarding the staff size, our Joint Law Firm is ranked among the small and medium-sized offices. This allows us occasionally to handle even more extensive legal agenda and that the particular staff members are fully replaceable (substitutable). However, this doesn’t affect our individual approach to the clients. We are particularly focused on all areas of private and public law. Unlike any other law firms, our office to a greater extent is also focused on administration and local government related issues. That is why our list of clients doesn’t include only legal and natural persons, but also state administration authorities, local municipalities and other public corporations (organizations).